Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Well, the install went smoothly until time to load the software. The hardware presented a couple of challenges. Chris' PC did not come with old fashioned RS232 serial ports or a floppy drive. We got a USB- to- serial adapter at RS and the darned thing came with installation files on a floppy! Sure glad we got a USB floppy drive recently and that the PC has lots of USB ports. When we hooked everything up, and installed the software, the compass was not registering. Everything else looked all right and we could manually put in the compass heading. After all the testing and calibrations, we couldn't find a suitable signal. Multiple calls for tech support were not able to get us operational. Indications are a receive modem and/or a board on the dish assembly. We'll be going back for completion next weekend. In the meantime, the dish looks cool on top of the coach, and we still have high-speed Internet from Coach Connect here in Paradise.