Sunday, May 16, 2004

One month Stats: We left Ft. Lauderdale on April 16 - exactly one month ago. Total Miles: 1953 Total gas cost: $483 Total campsite rent: $418 Total RV maintenance costs: $120 Kayak in the Pine Barrens The Jersey Devil gave us free passage yesterday and we had a gorgeous day of paddling in the wilderness area called the New Jersey Pine Barrens. We went with Jimmy and a group of friends who go kayaking several times a year. We just lucked out when we happened to arrive the day before they had a trip scheduled. Here's a map of the area with an arrow approximately where we were. Can you fit 6 kayaks in the back of your car? Bellhaven Kayak and Canoe outfitters drove us all up the road, so we could kayak down the river. There are apparently lots of rivers to choose from. We paddled on the Batsto river. It was beautiful. And you thought New Jersey was simply exits off a freeway?!? The trip was planned for a 4 hour paddle, based on information from the outfitters. I knew I could handle that. When we got to the outfitters, we learned that they could take us to the longer paddle that the group originally requested. So, we ended up doing a 6 hour trip. Now, it's downriver so you'd expect we could float most of the time. But, no. You had to paddle to steer on this narrow river. Whew! I got some exercise. It was well worth it though. I was so impressed that we could paddle 6 hours on a river and see NO signs of civilization. Not one house. Not one road. Not one sound. Such a pleasure to listen to birds, and paddles, and coversation. Here's where we stopped for lunch: Such a treat to be included in a group of friends. That's something you don't get too often when you're traveling. Thanx guys! Reminded us a lot of our kayak/scuba club in Fort Lauderdale - Kayuba. The weather was perfect. 20 degrees difference in temperature between the Island and the mainland. I was afraid I was going to be cold, with my thin Florida blood. I started out with long pants and a sweatshirt. Luckily, I brought shorts and my bathing suit, cuz it was in the 80s on the river. We even stopped and took a dip in the river midday when we got hot. Some people actually swam - I 'dipped'. The water was cold. I made it! Today is going to be a computer day for me. After I take a nap that is!

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