Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Fellow Travelers

Andy and Diane are friends from Florida. We are all members of the Kayak Scuba Diving club "Kayuba". They left Florida in their RV last January. Without any planning, we ended up meeting them in Montana and we traveled to Idaho and attended the 'Life on Wheels' seminar together in Moscow, Idaho on July. You would think that it would take a lot of planning for 2 RV travelers to meet up somewhere in this country, yet we had NO plans whatsoever. We met up not only once, but twice! Jim says, "Whaddaya mean, we planned this ... they called us yesterday and said they would be in Albuquerque tomorrow." (they knew we were in Santa Fe because they read this Blog) We said, "Ok, we'll be there!" They invited us to their house for dinner. Andy cooked. A toast to travel. Andy and Diane didn't sell their house in S. Florida like we did. They are headed generally back home at this point having taken nearly a year to enjoy motorhome traveling. They have been on the road for 10 months and have seen a lot more of this country on foot than we have. Hiking, kayaking, and bicycling, they've been seeking out the wild and natural places. Check out their Weblog and see some gorgeous photos. Here they are with their Itasca Spirit motorhome and the map of their adventure so far. As we travel, we find this country is SO huge ... and yet so small. It seems easy to meet up with our fellow travelers. And such a treat! Thanx Andy and Diane. Happy Trails!

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