Monday, October 11, 2004


Jim took a geocaching class at the Life on Wheels conference in Idaho. We've been wanting to try it ever since. He checked out the website and found that there is a cache real close to Liz's house - so we went exploring! Here's the website with directions to the cache. So Jim, Liz and I donned our good walking shoes, water and cameras in our knapsacks and trudged up the hill in the direction indicated by Jim's handheld GPS. What a view! When we were close we started looking for the tupperware container with the 'cache' in it. Maybe it's this rock. We never did find the cache. Jim actually admits the possibility that he caused our failure by entering the last two digits of the Lat/Lon numbers into the GPS incorrectly. But, he explains patiently, the cause is more likely something that I did ... he just hasn't thought of what that could be yet! In any case, we had a great walk, saw some beautiful flowers ... and, we'll try again today!

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