Monday, December 13, 2004

Everything but Room Service

You can tell that the owners of Hacienda RV Park came from the hotel/hospitality industry. It sure seems logical, but I can't think of another RV park that worked this way. Free breakfast, every morning. Yeah, a bed and breakfast ... just bring your own bed! Here's their breakfast room. And, meeting rooms - so groups are encouraged to come here. Then, lounge in the comfortable living areas in between meetings. And, here's my favorite part - the jacuzzi. We could stay here a while ... but, it's time to go. We did our seminar for the staff yesterday. And, today Jim helped a couple other folks. Here's Doc, who couldn't get his laptop to connect out in his RV because he left his external adapters in storage. So, Jim had him come into the lounge area and it worked fine with the built-in adapter. Hey Doc, I'm glad you forgot your adapter so we could get to meet you! Doc and his wife, Sue met on the Internet 3 years ago. They just put everything in storage and started living full-time on the road a few weeks ago. Doc says he pays all his bills online so it's important to find RV parks with Wi-Fi. They signed up with Coach Connect at Dakota Ridge RV park in Colorado so, when they came to New Mexico, they looked for another Coach Connect park. Hey! Maybe we'll see you again at another CC park. Happy Holidays Doc and Sue.

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