Thursday, April 21, 2005

5 National Parks in Utah

Boy! This is hard work seeing the National Parks in Utah! There's Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands and Arches. Ok, I know, you don't feel sorry for us do you? We spent a catch up day in our office. That just means we stay inside with the blinds closed. Then we headed off to Capitol Reef National Park. We had to climb over an 8400 ft high pass. If that looks cold, you're right. We've been waking up to 40 degrees outside. It gets up into maybe the 60s during the day. Here's the west entrance to the park. And, here we are at the Visitor's Center. And here we are on the scenic drive. Flash floods can be big problems in these canyons. You can just imagine a wall of water coming down this wash. One thing that Jim can imagine is the time when all this was under an ocean. Just look at all those great holes and shelves where lobsters would have been hiding! Oh yea that would have been cool to scuba dive here! Capitol Reef is known for these angled rock formations. To really see them takes an aerial view. They are so spectacular, but one problem with National Parks is that dogs aren't allowed on the trails. So we trade off - one day we take Odie with us and just stop at overlooks. Another day we leave him home and go on a hike. What a shame. I really think he enjoys the scenery as much as we do! I give up my passenger seat for him sometimes. The drive leaving Capitol Reef was almost as spectacular. Those 'wide open spaces' of the west just seem to get wider and opener. We can see several entire weather systems from some vantage points. So, we're off to see Canyonlands today. We're staying in Green River, Utah. We would have stayed in Capitol Reef, but we need electricity for our computer work. We could maybe get by with just the 4 hours that they allow you to run your generator .. but, we REALLY need cell phone service for Jim to do his job - and that didn't exist.

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