Saturday, May 07, 2005

Clear Creek

I know, I'm behind in my posts. We're actually in Nebraska now ... but I never told you how much we liked Clear Creek! Usually, we're in much larger RV Parks - this one is so small and cozy you almost feel you're camping! It really is right alongside Clear Creek, with a path that goes for miles in both direction. You can walk along the path to go into town that's only about a half mile away with lots of restaurants and shops. Or you can take a quick drive up Lookout mountain for a view of Denver. You gotta watch out for the bicyclers though. Four and a half miles of steep switchbacks and it draws bicyclists like moths to a flame! They seem to like it. Not for me! At the top is the gravesite of Buffalo Bill. We gave our WiFi seminar in their conference room and met some very nice folks staying in the park. After the seminar, a couple from France asked us for some help with their WiFi. Jim got them online (even though all the messages on their computer were in French!), then, of course, we had to show them this Weblog. Hmmmm, wanna see it in French? Just go to BabelFish the Web's translation site. Fill out the language you need and the website you want translated: and, here's what you get ... I've never been very trusting of computerized translations. There's a story about translating 'The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak' - a computerized translation into russian comes out 'The vodka is good, but the meat is rotten.' Hah! But, these folks said that the french for our website came out pretty good. Maybe it's gotten better. Ok, time to leave Clear Creek behind.

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