Thursday, May 12, 2005

A day in Nebraska

Yesterday was a busy day. These folks are early risers - we scheduled our seminar for 8:30am. Then there were people and computers to help. Seeing Jim with 3 computers going at once in our motorhome/office/computer lab made me think of the old vaudeville acts where they kept a dozen plates spinning! It really is amazing (and disturbing) how the condition of a computer affects its ability to connect to WiFi. If you don't keep everything up-to-date and clean on your computer you may not be able to use a WiFi hotspot ... even though everything else *seems* to be OK on your computer. It's like your body. You may be feeling fine, but try to do a cartwheel or touch your toes and you just can't do it. For a computer, connecting to a WiFi hotspot is like doing a cartwheel! Then, in the evening we just hunkered down for the storm. We learned that, if we hear sirens, that means run - don't walk - to the bathroom building. It is a concrete block structure and designated at the tornado shelter here. We kept the TV on so we had the latest updates. Luckily, the tornado warning lasted less than an hour - but we did get the golf ball sized hail in this warning. Wow! What a racket that made hitting our roof!

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