Friday, July 08, 2005

The Cosmic Muffin

We tried to go Kayak diving on Wednesday morning, but the wind was a little too strong, so we kayaked around the canals of Fort Lauderdale instead. Very easy paddling and lots to see with all the yachts and other boats, the fabulous waterfront homes and landscaping. Lynne took a disposable water-resistant camera and the photos were developed and put on CD today. I should probably refrain from using them here and just let Lynne post them on her blog .... ... thinking ... naaaah Here's John paddling. Here's me and Jim: Now, for the high point. You see, Lynne and John call their motorhome the 'Cosmic Muffin'. It is their 'Rocketship to the Stars'. The original Cosmic Muffin comes from Jimmy Buffet's book 'Joe Merchant'. The character called Desdemona was contacted by interplanetary aliens and she used the converted Howard Hughes aircraft as her Rocket Ship. I found a great article with the whole story here. And here's the lyrics to "Desdemona's Building a RocketShip". The converted Howard Hughes Boeing 307 Stratoliner is actually for real. And it is docked in Fort Lauderdale. So, that's where we paddled! You can visit the owner's website here. Lynne, John and the Cosmic Muffin 1. Lynne's Rocketship to the Stars?! What a spectacular day!

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures, it's a good thing you posted them here because Lynne hasn't updated thier blog sinse April of this year... Shame on them.