Sunday, July 31, 2005

Front Page

Cool! We're visiting our hometown for a couple months and we make the front page of the hometown newspaper! The Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel had reporters covering the mini-lobster season, and we made the most interesting photo subjects with our kayaks. Of course, you can't really tell it's us - but we know! Click on the image below and it should take you to the photo on their website. I took some more photos also but I had to wait to get them developed [gasp] because I used one of Lynne's disposable underwater cameras. It was fun taking some pictures underwater. The second day of mini-season was another beauty! We paddled over glassy waters again. Then we just kinda rolled overboard. and went diving! If you want to see some short videos of how kayak diving is done, take a look at last year's weblog post Kayak Diving. Here's Jim hunting for lobster: He uses a snare. He opens the loop on the bottom of the snare and kind of lassos the lobster's tail. When the loop is around the lobster's middle, he pulls it tight. The lobster can't get away, but it isn't damaged in any way. So, if it turns out to be a female with eggs, or too short to be legal, you can let it go. Yes, you do need a fishing license to take lobster. You can read all the regulations here. Then, he measures it before it goes in the goodie bag. Here I am with my special underwater 'do'. One thing I love about kayak diving is the fact that, when you come back to the surface your boat is always there (unlike dive boats that may be off picking up other divers.) I always have the line to my boat securely in my hand.

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