Thursday, July 21, 2005

South Florida Women

Emily and Dianne have each traveled the world with my Mom, Marilyn. Just a few examples I can think of; Emily and Mom have been to Ireland, Mongolia (actually around the world on that trip) and barging in France (Jim and I were on that one too!), Dianne and Mom have been to S. Africa, Palau and many other dive destinations. But, Emily and Dianne have never met each other! So, my Mom decided to remedy that the other night and I tagged along. Both Emily and Dianne have lived in their respective houses in S Florida for nearly 30 years! Here's Emily's house: And, here's her backyard: Here's Emily on the left, Dianne in the middle and my Mom on the right. All 3 of these women have raised kids (all daughters), opened, ran & sold businesses, scuba dived, and traveled the world. Dianne is a pilot, Emily is a sailor and an artist (she created the painting of Jim and me that hangs over our bed!). All 3 are cat lovers, and all 3 have lived in S Florida for at least 40 years! It was getting a bit dark by the time we reached Dianne's house. I hope you can see in this photo that her backyard is equally beautiful, but very different from Emily's because she is on a canal with a dock. What a special, energizing evening in the company of strong, independent, interesting and intelligent women. And, what a beautiful South Florida night - hot, but with enough breeze that we could hang out on the dock.

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Anonymous said...

WOW! These three sound like charming, interesting and intelligent women! They have had extremely exciting lives! AND I bet they have lots more left that they want to do! Thanks for sharing them with us!