Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas in the Desert

Ahhhhh, we're back at 'The Cabin' in Quartzsite with our adopted family; Lynne, John, Dick and Frankie. It is sooo nice to sit around the fire on a cool desert night. But, Ariel was impatient to open presents ... she *knows* which one is hers! We started Christmas morning with Mimosas and a fabulous brunch made with contributions from the whole 'gang'. Our outing for the day consisted of a little Geocaching Then continued on - down the same dirt road - to the Bar in the Desert. This place is just too fascinating ... no electricity out here - totally self-contained with solar power and water tanks. Yet they're able to support a band. We enjoyed a couple drinks and our unique surroundings. Odie and I even got up on the dance floor for a couple turns - no-one else would dance with me! Uh-oh, if you take a look at last year's Christmas photos, you'll see that we're dangerously close to creating a *gasp* tradition here! hmmmmm We hope all of you had as nice a Christmas as we did!

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