Wednesday, March 08, 2006


To get to Sedona from the north, you take highway 89 south of Flagstaff. This takes you very steeply down into Oak Creek Canyon. Yikes! But Jim was well prepared for this drive because he'd already 'flown' over it using Google Earth. Using satellite photography, Google Earth can actually simulate the view from your car window and 'drive' you along a specified route. It's something you download to your computer and it accesses images from the web. It's a lot more detailed than the plain google map, but even the google map shows a lot: We decided to splurge and stay at an RV park right in Sedona. Rancho Sedona - cost about $40/night (once you add the dog fee and the taxes), but we're able to walk right out our door and take a hike:


Gypsy John said...

I guess someone forgot to tell you that in Arizona, this is the route that RV Driving Schools "RECOMMEND" to use to learn how to drive those 45 foot motorhomes towing H2's.

Now Jim's hat is just plain ole headgear--I really like that one that Chris is wearing--very stylish--especially for Sedona!

Diane said...

Loved Sedona! Wonderful pictures! And I loved driving the RV down that road!