Saturday, September 23, 2006

Bicycles and Giant Clam Shells

We did it - we bought bicycles. We *need* more exercise as we travel and we decided that bicycles would be a good way, so we've been in the market for bicycles. There are several bicycle rental places here on the island that sell their rentals at the end of the summer season. We figured that might be a good way to go ... and I think we found some good bikes. They're Fuji, which is supposed to be a pretty good name, and they weren't even rentals, they were just floor models. So, we got them for $150 each which we understand is about half the retail price. What I really like about it is that, even tho it only has 7 speeds, the lowest one is *really* low. I might even be able to get up a small hill without walking it! Here they are: And then we had to get a bike rack that fit over our spare tire on the back. It seems to work really well. OK - now ... we gotta use 'em! If you don't see pictures of us riding these please YELL at us! Leave a comment and shame us into riding - ok?. On our way home we stopped at 'Things a Drift' a nautical gift shop owned by Cheryl. Jim repaired her computer last week and we wanted to check in on her. She has a giant clam shell that she says is larger than one in the Smithsonian. Pretty cool. That's it for the island this year. We're packing up to hit the road today. Headed south before it gets too cold. Thanx for everything Jimmy. You're the best! ... we'll be back


Anonymous said...

Great news about the bikes guys. You're right Fuji is a good name so you probably did well for your money. You've got some big comfy seats on there so you shouldn't need bike shorts which is good. I just paid the same amount for a high end pair of shorts that you did for your bikes BUT it makes a world of difference on a road bike. Have fun with them...take them everywhere you might do a short drive and don't forget about rails to trails!!!! I did my local one the last two weekends and its was fantastic...if you look them up its the Jax-Baldwin trail...very, very nice!

Missy's Doodles said...

Now that's the BEST looking clam I've EVER seen! But wait--I've never known you, Chris, to be a clam :-)

Some of us just can't have it all can we?