Friday, November 03, 2006

Zoom thru Louisianna, Mississippi, Alabama

I'm not sure if it's because of their proximity to Florida, or just because we don't know much about these states, but this is the third time now that we've zoomed right thru. I need to promise that next time, we'll check 'em out more. We zoomed from Lake Conroe, Texas to Gulfport, Mississippi in one 450 mile day. That's a lot for us. Our average is 160! It was 8 pm and well after dark when we stopped at a Walmart for the night. We needed to do grocery shopping. Is this convenient or what? Before getting back on I10, we swung by the beach to see how the Katrina reconstruction is going. It's still nowhere near normal. You can't walk on the beautiful white beach. There are still plenty of destroyed buildings sadly untouched. FEMA trailers everywhere There's also lots of construction. This sign sums it up. And there's plenty of 'now open' and 'now hiring' signs. The Beau Rivage is completely redone and beautiful. We just drove a short day into Alabama to get to one of our membership parks, a Resorts of Distinction park called Styx River. Not at all hellish, it's a beautiful park. Campsites in the woods and a trail to the river. We were worried about the trees blocking our satellite Internet connection but found that they had free WiFi! Cool. It worked great at first, then it stopped working. We asked at the office and were told, "yeah, well, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, that's why it's free." Luckily, our site had a clear shot thru the trees to the southwest, so our satellite got us online just fine. On to Florida today.

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Why can't you walk on the beach?