Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Goodbye Matt Barton

Live life to its fullest ... NOW!
That's the message from Mardie who was Matt's significant other. We got the horrible news the other day that Matt, a scuba-buddy and friend of ours, died of a massive heart attack last Sunday. He was 45 years old and in excellent physical condition. ??!#@* It was very difficult to take a serious photo of Matt as you'll see if you take a look at the group I uploaded to a Web Album. If you knew Matt and would like to join us at the memorial, "Celebration of Life". You can read more about the arrangements on this Scubaboard message thread. We'll miss you Matt.

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Anonymous said...

Regretably, I became aware of Matt's passing this week. He was the greatest guy on the planet and I have been missing his wicked brownies for a long time. I cherish all my memories of him and am very greatful that for a all to brief period of my life he was my friend -