Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Beautiful Day in Perry, Georgia

We had a great day yesterday. Lots of compliments from people attending the seminars, and people literally bowing down to us at the computer help desk after we fixed problems that had eluded many others. We just floated home on a high, ready to relax with our wine. But wait, just take a look at that sunset! We gotta go back and take some pictures. The weather had been just glorious this week in Perry. A convention planner's dream. Take a look: A Prevost sunset. Rally Day 3-part 1 <-- --> Rally Day 4


Anonymous said...

Great pictures.
I'm getting the feeling only rich folks RV anymore.
What about us average folks that can't afford a Provost Motor Coach?

Chris Guld said...

Actually there are people from all walks of life on the road today. This particular rally was for FMCA which stands for Family Motor Coach Association. That means it is limited to people with motorhomes, no trailers allowed. Motorhomes can be low-priced (we paid $30,000 for ours used on eBAY!) The price range for new ones is generally $60 - 400,000 and we have seen the custom Prevost for 1.4 million! The Class C's (like ours) are cheaper. Check out link to Beaudry motorhome for sale. Make sure that the selection at the left is set to Class C and you should be seeing prices in the 60-90k range.
5th wheels and travel trailers are even less $, but you need to add the cost of the truck to tow them!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I didn't understand the FMCA part. That's why I didn't see any trailers and such, that makes sense now.
Thanks also for the RV link.

Pop-ups rule....

Gypsy John said...

My coach sold NEW five years ago for $517,000 and just bought it USED for $193K. Getting lots of custom things done to it & while I won't have any warranty, it's going to be nicer and better than NEW. Imagine a five year old coach that runs/looks like a brand new one & no more depreciation.