Sunday, March 11, 2007

WEC - Peace River Outing

I have been a member of Women's Executive Club, aka 'WEC' since 1983. Even now, when I don't live in Fort Lauderdale anymore, I stay active as their Webmaster, and I keep in touch with several of the members. Most of these women are much more comfortable in a board room than in a campground, but a few adventurous souls decided to take a mini-vacation and come visit me in Peace River for the weekend. I didn't make them rough it too hard tho - they stayed in cabins - but I did get them all out in the river for a paddle. We had a gorgeous day. In the picture above, from left to right: Emily, Jan M.R., Jan B., Nancy, me. The photo was taken by Richard from the park who was obliging enough not only to load up kayaks and canoe and drive us to the launch, but also to make sure everyone was situated properly and pushed into the water, AND to take our photo. Thanx Richard! Did I mention that it was beautiful day? Warm sunshine, 75-80 degrees, but still with a cool breeze. I *told* 'em they might need to get their feet wet! Notice the guy in the background ... not only did he not try to help the ladies in distress - he just walked by shaking his head. The cold water must have tickled because there was lots of laughter after that! The kayaks were easier to maneuver - and they went right over the shallow parts. Emily and I reminisced about our first time paddling the Peace River ... in 1983! Our dive club organized a group outing thru Canoe Outpost, or Canoe Safari and we paddled for 2 or 3 days - camping out on the banks of the river. After a couple hours on the river, we were back at the campground and took a dip in the pool and a soak in the hot tub. Then it was off to a winery about a half-hour away called 'Henscratch Farms.' There is also a hydroponic 'u-pick-em' strawberry farm there. We asked for a recommendation for dinner, and discovered The Watering Hole in Sebring. Wow. The food was superb - I had steamed mussels on fettuccine. The huge, live alligator in a cage gave it a uniquely Florida ambiance! This morning, I found Emily sitting at my favorite sitting spot and she had her watercolors out. See more of her paintings at Nice weekend! Thanx for the visit guys ... er I mean gals.


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris! Thanks for the great weekend in lovely little Zolfo Springs. All of it was fun, from fighting off the alligators in the Peace River to whacking chickens at the winery. You're working way too hard, though. One day you've got to retire. All the Bookies loved running away from home for the weekend. See - you can't do that, can you! Love, Emily

Anonymous said...

Thank-you Chris and Emily for planning a wonderful week-end away. I'm not sure what I enjoyed more; the laughter or the weather and serenity! Warmly, Jan M-R

Diane said...

I see from your datastorm map that you are headed off to the FMCA conference -- good luck! And while you're on the west coast - stop in Dunedin for the microbrewery there in the downtown area :)