Monday, May 05, 2003

Buy an RV from eBay!

Yep, let a couple of days go by and there's too much to say. So, I figure "I'll make a weblog entry later" ... and you know what happens then. Anyway - getting reenergized this morning. We actually made a bid for an RV on eBay! As one friend said "That takes guts!" Well, it's fun having guts. I've been watching RVs on eBay for several months, but didn't ever think it would actually work out. Most of them are in Texas, California or something like Michigan. But this one is in Tampa, it's a high-quality make (from Monaco Coaches) and it meets the specifications we have settled on - so we Bid! eBay is fascinating. The RV was listed as an auction item with a 'buy it now' price of $33,500. The seller's email was also listed so I could ask some questions. It occurred to me that "what's to prevent us from circumventing eBay if we're in direct contact?" I think the answer is simply - someone might report it and then you'd be blacklisted from using eBay. Buyers' and Sellers' 'ratings' are highly prized. You don't want to do anything that would get you negative feedback. Anyway, we put a bid in of $28,000 and were informed that we had not met the 'reserve'. Reserve means the hidden price that the seller has said is their minimum acceptable bid. Well, I emailed the seller and told him "I know we didn't meet your reserve, but thought you may want to consider it anyway" And! He accepted it. Now I've asked that the terms include "we can opt out of the sale if we inspect it within 7 days - and lose a $300 deposit. So, we'll drive up sometime in the next week and, hopefully, drive our new home back! We would also like to stop at Lazy Days and have them check it out and possibly sell us an extended warranty.

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