Sunday, April 15, 2007

Girls' Day Out - Port Everglades

Lynne and John are visiting us for the weekend. We're hoping to go kayak diving, but so far the wind has been blowing too hard to make that possible. When you live and work with the same person in this small box called a motorhome, you relish the opportunity for a different companion. Yesterday, Lynne and I left the boys unattended, picked up my Mom, and had a delightful girls' day out. First came shopping. Blue Water Books and Charts is just an amazing store of everything nautical and I had to show Lynne. It's owned by a friend of mine, Vivien, and she happened to be there, so we also got to chat a bit. When we came out of that store, we noticed Total Wine in the same shopping center. Uh-Oh. I'd heard about this store. 8,000 wines. This stop took a while! Our eventual goal was the beach. We went to the very south end of Fort Lauderdale beach. It ends at the inlet to Port Everglades. Here's a great photo of the port taken by our neighbor in the park, Bryan. He was on top of the big, high-rise condos that line the entrance to the port. View of Port Everglades from atop Point of the Americas condo. Photo courtesy of Bryan. Looking south from Port Everglades. Looking north - Fort Lauderdale Beach. Cool photos, thanx Bryan! We were apparently there at the same time that all the cruise ships depart. We sat on the jetties for about a half hour and saw 4 ships go by. Actually, Lynne and Mom sat on the jetties ... I had to snap a few photos! I don't know where they're all going, but they looked like they were following a well-worn road. Straight east for a while, then take a sharp right.

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Chris said...

Great pictures.
I woke up to snow here in Ft Wayne, Indiana. I should have taken some pics to send to you down there in the warm weather. I guess it's still winter time here.