Monday, August 20, 2007

California and Mount Shasta

We left Crater Lake on a cold (42 degrees) and rainy morning yesterday. But, isn't this a great way to see the lush spruce and hemlock forests around here?! Here's the Rogue river, we're still in Oregon, coming up to I-5. Soon after crossing into California, Mt. Shasta appears. Wow! We're not in Florida anymore! Now we're in Red Bluff, California at the Red Bluff RV Park. We'd heard a lot about this park from Lynne and John. The people who own the park are the ones whose house Lynne and John just built. They said it would be a good place to wash the rig and clean up. So, we're spending an extra night here so we can do just that. After 4100 miles - we sure need it!


Michael Lockridge said...

I picked up your site through Tioga and George. I have been virtual traveling with George for about five months, now. I have been following your site since George introduced you to me, several weeks ago.

I am currently at a place in life where travel is just occasional, and never often enough. I shall retire in a few years, and hope to hit the road a bit more.

Virtual travel has been wonderful, allowing me to vicariously share experiences with travelers. Thanks for the great site. Very nicely constructed and well presented.

It looks like you are headed in my direction right now. I reside in Santa Cruz, Ca.

Continue living the dream. Thanks for sharing!


Chris said...

The first thing I thought was that you had lost you

I like the pictures taken of the RV from the car.. Gives me a feeling of moving on down the road.