Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Diane and Andy spend a lot of time together on the road ... kinda like Jim and me. Sometimes our name is JimandChris. But, that just doesn't roll off the tongue quite like Diandy! Check out their website and blog at! Anyway, we tore ourselves away from the FMCA convention long enough to go visit them where they were staying nearby, and I'm so glad we did. Less than 20 miles from here is some spectacular scenery. The area is known as Crooked River Ranch. There is a river and an awesome canyon. Here's their site: This is called 'High Desert'. Andy and Jim Diane had some computer questions. Hey Diandy! Thanx for showing us something about the area besides the fairgrounds! We wanna travel more like you! Slow. Someday. :-) Life is Good!

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