Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Making a Life, Making a Living

Something came across our inboxes the other day about how most people are so concerned with making a living, that they don't do a very good job at making a life. That's not us! I marvel every day about what a wonderful life we've made. Like now ... It's nice here. The weather has been just perfect. Hot and sunny during the day. We need the air conditioning, but it's not an oppressive heat. Then it cools off at sundown and we open up for the night. We've been going for a nice walk in the morning. UP a hill! Here's a view of the campground from our walk.

We're getting some much needed exercise! Oh ... wait ... gotta ... rest!

We've also taken advantage of the spa in the cool evenings with the full moon coming up over the mountain. aaaaahhhhh

Then, there's our computer seminars. Small groups in our cozy classroom means we get to know each other! We really do have fun.

I spent some time today learning how Google Maps interfaces with Picasa Web Albums and Google Earth. Wow! If you look at our Picasa Web album for this month, you can click on "View Map" over on the left, and you will see thumbnails of the photos attached to the places in the map where they were taken. You can bet that this will be the topic of an upcoming Geeks on Tour Newsletter! Then I spent some time today paying bills and doing miscellaneous bookkeeping. ooooh, bummer. Our expenses for August were $4,600 and our income was $2,200. This month's expenses were unusually high due to traveling across the country, but the numbers are obviously still too far apart. I will always be more interested in 'Making a Life', but there does come a time (as savings dwindle) that 'Making a Living' needs to kick in so we can keep living this wonderful life! We actually do have all the pieces in place. I have every expectation that we will be able to making a living doing what we love - working with Internet connections on the road, and teaching people how to use computers - all while living on the road.

I know some people will be surprised by my sharing such specific numbers. I think it is the RVers' way! I've read several other RV blogs that share their exact budgets. I've appreciated their openness, and want to continue the trend.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

4600 bucks for the month.... Honey, you all got to stop going to those wineries... Just kidding.
I wish you cheaper traveling in the future..
Have fun, I do when I read about your travels.
C from IN