Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wineries, Santa Cruz and Arynne

We had a *full* day yesterday. First, driving from Stockton to Morgan Hill. California is known for it's beautiful golden rolling hills in the summertime (they're green in winter/rainy season), but these look downright brown and dangerously dry. The Thousand Trails campground in Morgan Hill is very close to several wineries so we unhooked as soon as we got parked and headed out. Here's our site: And,here's the first winery, Clos LaChance. Now you're talkin! Can you tell we're having fun? It's just so pretty here. They hold lots of weddings on this property. You can see why. It was sunny and hot today, probably in the 90s, but it gets down in the 60's and high 50s at night. Just what the grapes like! Our reason for coming to this area was to meet my old friend Arynne after work. She lives in Santa Cruz, over the hill down by the ocean. So, after crossing the country, we finally saw the Pacific! It is just so wonderful to be able to visit old friends. One of the best parts of traveling. Here's the entrance to her place. I think this is just the best kind of living situation for a single person. She lives in the cottage (aka grandmother suite, or mother-in-law suite) in the backyard of her good friends in the 'big house'. Here's Arynne with Maggie: Then we had a great dinner at the Crow's Nest right on the beach. We watched the sailboat races as they finished and came into the harbor. Great to see you Arynne! Till next time then. Today is a long drive (300 miles) to the Los Angeles area. We'll be staying at another Thousand Trails park called Soledad Canyon. Then tomorrow we're on to TT Pio Pico just east of San Diego where we'll be giving our seminars for a couple weeks. See our main website at http://www.geeksontour.comfor the exact schedule.

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