Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Water in Arizona!

Jim and I are both water-babies. We've always lived near the ocean and we spend as much time *in* the water as possible. It has surprised us how we can enjoy the beauty of the desert where there is no water. The Saguaro cactus and the sunsets are exquisite and quite beautiful. But, when we got an email inviting us for a boat ride on a lake in this desert, we jumped at the chance. A Lake! Where around here is there a lake? It's only an hour and a half away! We were able to put in a half-day of work, drive up there, have a nice lunch and take a great boat ride, stop at Trader Joe's on the way back, and be home before 8.
The invitation came from Brent and Molly. They both took a couple of our seminars at the FMCA rally in Redmond this summer, and we contacted each other via email afterward. They are RVers, but they usually spend winters on their sailboat in Mexico. This winter, Brent is the captain on the Desert Belle, a tour boat at Saguaro Lake. They have a great Blog, so you can read all about sailboating in Mexico or take (virtually) the same tour we did on Saguaro Lake ... just visit Adventures with Brent and Molly!
Here's a few photos from our wonderful day. See more on our web album - just click on any photo below and you'll be at our web album - then you can click on the next or previous arrows above the photo to see more.
Thanx Brent!! Sure hope to visit with you more someday - sorry we didn't get to meet Molly.
You gotta bring her down to see us in Palm Creek. Come to some more seminars!
Here's Captain Brent: We were lucky to spot a total of 4 bald eagles! I had to put the camera on extreme telephoto to get them.
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