Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lots of Writing

All of a sudden (so it seems) I've accumulated a whole lot of writing 'jobs.' I put jobs in quotes because most of them don't pay anything! My writing job of keeping this blog has ended up in last place I'm afraid. And, I seem to believe that entries in this blog need to be non-work related. I don't know why I've started following that path. I like writing about the computer help stuff. In the overview of this blog I write,

At first this was a 'personal' blog only. I used it like a journal, I wasn't even sure I would tell anyone it was there. Well, maybe just family and close friends. Then, I wrote a little about the work we were doing. Hmmm, is this a personal blog or a business blog? I finally decided that it's both. That is a great thing about our lives, we blend personal and business. We love what we do and we do what we love, and we write about all of it!

So, with this blog post I am re-deciding to write something about our vocation - Computer Education for Travelers, as well as our avocation - living and traveling via RV.

I just finished my latest Geeks on Tour newsletter issue with 3 articles. If you don't already receive it, it's free, but you need to subscribe. I always try to write 3 articles, I seem to have a 'thing' for the number 3 :-)

  • Article #1 is about burning DVDs with Vista. Article #2 is about organizing pictures with sortable dates Article #3 is for beginners; reboot = #1 troubleshooting technique

I write every Thursday for's blog. Last Thursday I wrote about how to make a map of visited states. If you want, you can see all the articles I've written for blog.

And last, but definitely not least (I actually get paid for this one!) I'm writing another article for FMCA magazine. If I can get it done soon, it may even make the July issue, just in time to promote the fact that we'll be giving our seminars at the FMCA National Convention in St. Paul Minnesota.

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