Thursday, May 15, 2008

Weekly Tutorial Video - Backup your Photos

Every week since mid-January, I have been posting an article on's new blog. My assignment is to write about using computers on the road. A few weeks ago, I came up with the idea to create a very short video tutorial for each blog entry. I make them small enough to be viewable on Youtube or Google Video (links are to GeeksOnTour videos) so I can embed them in the blog entry. It occurs to me that I should share them here as well.

This week's topic is about backing up your pictures using Picasa. Here' the video - it's only a minute and a half. Watch it! The funny thing is that, because of teaching other people to do this, it makes me do it! In the video I say that I'm making a backup of all my pictures and taking the DVD to my Mom's for safekeeping. Well, I didn't think to do that until *after* I came up with the idea to teach others. :-) I'm not only teaching you ... I'm teaching myself.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention of's blog, Chris! We feel very fortunate and grateful to have you participate on the blog as one of our experts. And yes, we, and our audience, LOVE your new how-to videos! Keep up the great work. - Blog Admin

Anonymous said...

Hi fortunate for me as I have been trying to figure out how to store my photos...your blog has come just at the right time!! I always learn so much from you much...Travel Safe!