Sunday, June 01, 2008

Geeks in Tow

We were on our way, driving contentedly north on the Florida Turnpike. We have a satellite dish to deliver in Bushnell, then planned to make it to my Dad's - just another hour - for the night.

Some things are not meant to be.

First the air conditioner stops blowing cold air. hmmm .. Then, in just a few more minutes the 'Check engine' light comes on and Jim also notices that the temperature is way high. He pulls over and turns the engine off. Since we don't know what is wrong, we're not going to attempt any further driving. We call our Good Sam Emergency Road Service and explain the problem. since this is Sunday (of course) we won't be able to get any service. They tell us that they can send a tow truck and tow us to the nearest campground. We can get a mobile service at the campground, or get towed to a facility in the morning. Ah well. Take a deep breath and thank our lucky stars that we are fine, it's not a fire or anything like that. Amazing to see the tow truck get hooked up. They even have to detach the drive shaft?! I tell Jim to please check that he reconnects it when we're done. Hey .. I barely know what a drive shaft is, but it just doesn't seem like a vehicle will be worth much if it's not connected, right?

The tow truck pulled into the RV park and expertly backed us into a site. We're hoping that the problem is a simple matter of a broken belt.

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Donna McNicol said...

Egad - hope it's only a belt. Seems like we've both had more than our share of problems lately. {{{HUGS}}}

Joan said...

Been there, done that too! Have even taken the same pictures. Yes, let's hope its a simple fix.