Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Luxury of Time

Some people would think it is insane that we're in this beautiful place, and yet I spent most all week just sitting at my computer. But, truly, it is a real treat for me to have the kind of time I need to do this website work. In thinking back, I actually remember that my desire to build dynamic websites was one of my reasons to sell the house and move into an RV. It's all about time. Something that I think should take an hour or two actually takes 3 days!!

I'm not talking about simple pages that you can build with Blogger or WordPress or Website Tonight or Yahoo or Google Pages. I'm talking about pages that are driven by databases, formatted with Cascading Style Sheets, and powered by Coldfusion programming language. I know, I've just lost about 98% of you out there. The problem is that I get lost too - and I need time to perservere through the learning and the debugging. I had the time this week and it was wonderful.

Not so wonderful if you'd asked me yesterday afternoon. [error] after [error] for no discernible reason was making me think that I was worthless as a programmer. But, at about 4am this morning, everything worked and I'm excited. Perserverence is the key and that takes time.

Jim used the time for good stuff too. I think this is only the second time in our 5 year journey that I've seen him clean out the storage bins. And, since we don't have any cell phone service here, he read up on Skype and gave it a shot. Skype is a service that allows you to make phone calls thru your computer's Internet connection. It's known as VOIP for Voice Over Internet Protocol, and we tried it a couple years ago and were quite disappointed with the performance over our satellite Internet connection. This time he was pleasantly surprised. There is still a slight delay, but he talked to our friend Jimmy in New Jersey for about a half hour - complete with video on the computer. Cool! Meanwhile, since we are in a beautiful place, it takes very little effort or time to get a shot of nature. We used Google Earth to plot a 2 mile walk, and we've been doing that every morning. We also had one delightful visitor. MaryAnn is here in the park and read our post on's blog last week. She followed the link and sent us an email saying she is staying just a few sites away, so she came over with her dog, Mayim, for a little visit. What a joy to hear her story. She is traveling with her teenage son and daughter and home schooling them across America! How cool is that? Check out her blog. Ok, back to work!

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