Monday, June 30, 2008

Tomorrow is THE DAY

I told you that I've been doing a lot of web programming during the last 2 weeks, now let me tell you more. The first week I was working on a client site. I was hoping to get it completed, but at least I got it to a point where he could see something and work with the interactive piece a bit. The second week was reserved for work on our own website - I had to get the membership part of it working before these upcoming 3 rallies (Safari Rally-Reunion, Country Coach Rally, FMCA Convention) We have a more than a dozen new Tutorial Videos ready to roll out:

  1. 10 videos on how to use Photo Story 3 to make slide shows complete with music, narration and motion
  2. Blogger videos on how to put a photo in your header and a link list in your sidebar
  3. Picasa videos on using Picasa Web Album photos in other websites

For over a year now, we've been planning to make it a membership site, meaning that there is a charge to view the tutorial videos. It's waited until now because 1) I wanted to have enough videos to make it worthwhile and 2)I had to do the programming to make it work. I've come up with a little song. Think of the tune from 'I've been working on the railroad...'

I've been working on the website All the live long day I've been working on the website Cuz we have to make it Pay! Can't you see the members joining Learning all they can Can't you see the members joining All across this land!

Become a member now Become a member now Become a member now and learn with us

Become a member now Become a member now Let us show you how

Ok, Ok, enough applause :-) ... let me continue ...

My definition of success has always been to find something you love doing so much that you happily do it for free, AND to do it so well that people happily pay you for the value they receive. Well, we've got the first part down pat! :-) We love teaching people to use their computers. It's time to get the second part in place before we run out of gas ... literally!

We've been presenting our seminars all over the country. Often we do it for free - sometimes we get paid small amounts. We came up with the idea of making our tutorial videos as a way to reach a larger audience ... like the whole world! People can buy them on CD, or watch them on our website if they have a good Internet connection. At the last couple of rallies we found that plenty of people were happy to buy the CDs! We have now purchased a disk duplicator so we can make even more.

We are hoping that they will feel the same way about paying to access the Videos online. We have a lot of information on our website as well as the videos. Only the videos will require a member login, everything else is completely free, including our e-newsletter and the newsletter archives. We will also have several free sample videos. The way it works is, when you click on a video that is reserved for Members Only, you will be presented with a login form. Once you fill in a valid username and password that video will play. After logging in once, you have complete access to all the videos.

We are also starting a Q&A forum. Only members can ask a question. We are beginning to get more email questions than we can properly handle. We will ask that you post questions in the forum rather than via email. In the forum, we *promise* to respond - and you may even find the answer there without having to ask.

So there you have it! The cost for a one year membership is only $39. And, if you join in initial 'launch' period of July and August, you can get the introductory price of $29! We will 'flip the switch' tomorrow - July 1. Check in to tomorrow to see a new look, more videos, the Q&A forum and the membership program.


Joan said...

I'm in, even though I'm on a Mac I've gained lots of valuable information and appreciate all you've done for us.

Marilyn said...

What a wonderful opportunity for anyone who wants to learn. You guys are GREAT . As I said once before your teaching style is your gift to us. I have never been to a seminar or held one that things were presented in such a user friendly way. GO GIRL !!!!!!! I am excited to be one of the 1st to join as soon as I see the form. YEA !!!!!!!!!!!