Monday, July 28, 2008

Crossing to Canada

I had originally wanted to cross into Canada at Sault Ste. Marie, then take the ferry across to Tobermory and continue south to Niagara falls. But, the ferry would have been quite expensive (I think it came close to $200 when you added everything up) and we didn't know of any places to stay in that area of Ontario. If we traveled south thru Michigan we had several membership park options - so that's where we went. The route still took us through a little bit of Canada, in south Ontario.

There's even a Resorts of Distinction park near London - so that's where we are right now. Jim says we could have traveled all the way from Michigan, through Ontario and over to Niagara Falls (our next destination.) But, as long as we crossed over, I wanted to stay one night in Canada.

We crossed over at Port Huron. The bridge is called the Bluewater Bridge.

The crossing was no hassle whatsoever. It took maybe 10 minutes in line to get to the toll booth window (no toll here - $1.50 on the other side) where the customs agent looked at our passports, asked us where we lived and how long we planned to stay in Canada, then let us go on our way. Jim started to tell her that we lived here, in our motorhome, but quickly added that Fort Lauderdale, Florida was home. I seem to recall that George had a little problem at the border when he said he lived fulltime in his RV. Maybe they think you just might stay if you have your house with you? We filled our gas tank before crossing the border - $3.95/gal. Gas is sold by the litre in Canada,and I guess that price (124.4) is in pennies?! According to my careful calculations, that's the equivalent of 4.70/gallon. So, we have one night in London ... what to do? hmmmm,let me think ... I'm just at my wits end!

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys... Not sure if you recieved our e-mail? We are just south of London by lake Erie and have a spot for you to enjoy Canada for more than a day...check your e-mail to you soon...Bring your sun glasses Odie!!!

Chris Guld said...

Hey! What a nice offer. Unfortunately, we already made plans (and reservations) to attend the LobsterFestival on the Maine coast this weekend - so we gotta get going. I didn't see your email btw. Someday, we're going to stop making so many plans so we can take advantage of such offers!
Thanks so much!

Michael Lockridge said...

Thanks! Next time I am at my Wits End, I will know where I am!

Anonymous said...

Yep, 124.4 is in pennies. And it's a "good" price, too. In the Vancouver, BC area, gas goes for 142.1 -- and that's almost 10 cents down from the all time high of 152.0 (US$5.66/gallon) a few weeks ago.

paulsharol said...

several years ago we went to Canada Cia Vancouver my sister-in-law is from there had a great time we want to go to Lake Lousie and Jasper National Park to mt Edith Cavell, whom my mother was named after

Anonymous said...

Was the park Rock Glen, Arkona, Ontario? We are full-timers and have stayed in many of the ROD Plus parks. We were at Peace River in Florida the same time you were there in spring of 07 I believe.
We go to Rockglen for two weeks in April and October of each year before going south and when we come back home.
We never disclose the fact that we are fulltimers when crossing any borders. Makes life a lot simpler.

Hope you have time to see more of Ontario sometime. There is lots to see and do here.

RVVagabond said...

We were told that Canadian border officials assume fulltimers carry guns since their rig is their only home and of course, we all know that all Americans are heavily armed, right?