Friday, July 25, 2008

Somewhere in Time

Our day at Mackinac Island goes right up at the top with a list of the best days on our journey. It was gorgeous ... brilliant sunshine, perfect temperature ... splendid sights. It was fun ... boat ride, bike ride, hiking, sightseeing. It was healthy. The bike ride was 8 miles around the island. Plus we rode our bikes from the campground to the ferry dock and back, another couple miles at least. Plus hill climbing on the island gave us a good workout. It was inspirational ... visiting where the movie Somewhere in Time was filmed. A delightful movie about how love transcends time. We actually met the star, Jane Seymour, at Palm Creek last winter and have wanted to see the movie and visit the island ever since. So we bought the DVD from a book store on the island yesterday and watched it last night. It was educational ... learning that the Mackinac bridge is the largest suspension bridge in the world (yes, longer than the Golden Gate) and the crowning achievement of the bridge builder. Learning that the Fort here was originally a British fort built during the revolutionary war to protect the fur trade.

Did I mention it was beautiful? Awe-inspiring actually. From the grandest hotel and bridge to the tiniest detail of the wildflowers. Even Odie had a good day. We didn't take him with us to the island, but we started the day on a great trail right here in the campground that goes thru the woods and opens up on the shore of Lake Huron with the bridge as background.

I simply couldn't choose just a few photos for the blog post, so I've embedded a slide show of all the photos I uploaded to our Picasa Web Albums. You can control the slideshow below by moving your mouse at the bottom of it - the pause, left and right buttons should appear. Or, you can click on the Picasa icon in the lower right and go to the web album for larger photos.

To me, this lifestyle is all about time. Getting more of it, losing yourself in it, making the best of what you have. I believe that time is the most important asset we have. I'm so glad we spent our day on Mackinac Island. It is now a memory somewhere in time.

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Michael Lockridge said...

Thanks for the slide show! That island is cool. It was featured on the show "Dirty Jobs," and I bumped into it doing some vtravel. Now you have shared a bit more. Perhaps I will get there someday.

The movie "Somewhere in Time" is a classic. Just for fun, think about the time loop. Now, where did the watch come from? Whoa!

I love your travels, your blog, and your great photos. Thanks again for sharing!

Honey and Bob Shellman said...

Bob & I made the same trip last year - a trip fantastic! But we have one up on you; we walked the 8 miles, & then hiked up to the Fort & all around the shops. Yes, our feet hurt afterwards, but it was worth it.

Jim and Sue said...

Chris, this is how I want to put pictures in my do I do it? Sue

Chris Guld said...

Here's the video that shows how to embed a picasa web album slideshow into your blog: