Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Fort Lauderdale Sunrise Wreck

Our very own Mel Fisher in the family! Well, not quite. For one thing, my uncle John is investigating a shipwreck that wasn't carrying much in the way of treasure. And, for another, you are no longer allowed to touch anything off our shores that may have historical value, let alone dig it up and haul it out. It's still a pretty cool story. He discovered the wreck site when he was a kid diving these waters in the 50s. At that time it was 'finders - keepers,' and he did bring up several artifacts, including silver coins, an anchor, and a sextant. You can learn more on his blog (which I taught him how to do:-) And, here's a five minute video I put together from his talk at Bonnet House. I think my favorite part is hearing his estimate that he's spent roughly 13,000 hours underwater!

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1 comment:

Debby Diver said...

I want to be like Uncle John when I grow up!