Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Peace River and Seminars

We woke up to a foggy morning. It brought back more memories. We stayed here the whole winter season in 2006-07 and saw many foggy mornings.


And, how I love starting our day with a walk along the river.

We brought Mom along, and she enjoyed her cozy spot in our cab-over bunk. (to learn how I made the dreamy, soft focus effect, see our weekly Picasa tip As long as we planned to come over here for a few days, we figured we might as well put on a couple seminars. We announced it in our newsletter that went out about a week ago, and we heard back from a few folks that were staying here at Thousand Trails, saying they were looking forward to attending. 

We also heard back from a reader who is staying at a park just up the road ... Torrey Oaks ... and he suggested we present a seminar there too! So we did. Everything went great. We taught our Picasa seminar at Peace River and at Torrey Oaks, then we taught Google Earth the next day at Peace River. And, after the Google Earth class we met a woman in the audience who said she was actually staying at the Escapees park right around the corner, and she said we should give our seminars there too! hmmm ... with 3 parks to work, I might be able to talk myself into another whole season here?!?  Our students are just the *best* people - don't you agree?! :-) 

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