Sunday, May 24, 2009

Welcome to the Escapade

We are in Sedalia, Missouri. We're here to attend our first Escapade. That is the annual rally of the Escapees club. Isn't that a great name though? Thousands of others, like us, have 'Escaped' the normal lifestyle of a stationary home and traded it in for a home on wheels. The tagline is 'Home is Where we Park it.'

Missouri has some very nice roads and green rolling hill scenery. And we are having gorgeous weather right now. Here is the road coming into Sedalia:

And, here's a little video about our welcome to the Escapade.

In the video you'll see a clip of a local newspaper story about the hundreds of RVs that are descending upon this small town. It's a nice story, but I wonder whose idea it was to sandwich it between a headline article about poor driving skills, and an ad for relocation services?!

I can't decide if it was a complete oversight, or someone with a highly developed sense of humor! :-)

In any case, we hope to have a very fun .. and profitable .. week here. Our booth is all set up and ready to go.

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