Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bridges of Madison County

I am so glad we stopped here in Winterset. This city park is just beautiful.

From Geeks on Tour 200906 (June)
And, check this out! There is a maze here made with a live hedge. We walked right by it the first day we were here and didn't even know. It took looking at the park with Google Earth to notice the maze, then we made it a point to find it. If you use Google Earth, fly to 41.330694, -94.003817 and zoom in close to see the maze. Do you know the difference between a maze and a labyrinth? hmmmmmmm??? A maze has many choices as you go thru it - and some of them even lead to dead ends. It can be a confusing and frustrating experience. A labyrinth has no choices, you follow the path from the beginning, and it leads you, inescapably, to the end. It can be a very meditative experience.

We were determined to do a little sightseeing here, so we hopped on our bikes in the morning because it was forecast to rain in the afternoon. We visited Marion Morrison's birthplace (you probably know him as John Wayne.) He only lived here until he was 3, but he left a mark! Then we walked around the town square. Most every town we've seen in Iowa so far has a beautiful town square. The first one I saw, I thought for sure it must have been the movie set for Back to the Future. But then we saw so many more. Here's the town square in Winterset: And, I kept looking up every few steps to appreciate the detail in the architecture. But the sight I really wanted to see is a covered bridge. And, there's one right in our little city park: And, while we were in the John Wayne gift shop, we picked up the DVD for 'Bridges of Madison County' which was filmed here. I saw the movie years ago and remembered the basic plot and the fact that I really liked it. Oh - that's an understatement. I LOVED it. It's got to be on the top of anybody's list of romantic films ... and a tear jerker ... and beautiful scenery ... and soundtrack. I love watching films that were filmed in a place where we are visiting - like when we watched 'Somewhere in Time' after visiting Mackinac Island last year. Now I want to do more sightseeing! Thanks Gypsy Journal for recommending this place! But, I got website work to do. Maybe later.

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Leno said...

Have to agree, that movie was one of the best!
Still love following along with you.

Rod Ivers said...

Did you drive down to Clark's tower, South of the park? Do not miss this fun little side trip in the woods.
You folks have spent so much time in my home state that you will get an honorary Iowan certificate soon. LOL

Anonymous said...

Loved this entry because we will be in Winterset in August. We were considering the city park and after reading about it we will definitely stay there! BTW,, loved the book and move!

Anonymous said...

Last fall we also took in all the Winterset sights, including the Fons & Porter Quilt Shop. The city park is definitely a huge step above others --- great place to spend the night.