Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Finally, the kayaks get wet

They’ve been on the roof of the car since we left Florida in March.  It was our last day at Indian Lakes Thousand Trails

They just now got wet. 


And, so did Odie!



When Odie’s on a kayak, he’s known as Kayodie.



Then it was back on the road – we’re headed for the FMCA Convention in Bowling Green, Ohio.  We found a nice state park at St. Mary’s Grand Lake.  The lower left pushpin in the map below is where Indian Lakes is; the next pin up is Grand Lake St. Mary’s state park where we are right now.  The third pin is Bowling Green where we’ll be for the rally next week.  And the last pin is at Erie Islands, a park where we’ll stay for the week after the rally.


Map picture

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