Monday, September 21, 2009

Complete Lack of Schedule

We’re here in this Pennsylvania park for 4 days.  Other than the visit to Fallingwater – we have nothing planned other than computer work. We’ve been going to bed later and later, and getting up later and later.  There’s cable TV here – something we rarely get – so we’ve been staying up past midnight watching.


That’s part of the appeal of this lifestyle … the complete freedom of lack of schedule.  But, it can get a bit ridiculous.  If you don’t get up till 9, then you go straight to the computer, two hours goes by before you know it.  We start thinking about breakfast, but it’s already 11am! 


Odie’s falling down on the job.  A dog is supposed to make sure you get up and out in the morning – after all, he can’t use the bathroom, he has to go out right?  He’s amazing.  He can hold it for 15 hours!  He just patiently waits until we finally get up from the computers to take him for a walk. 


Oh well, we’ll be busy next week at the rally – maybe our clocks will get reset.  We did get a new video made – and this one combines live video with our normal screencast video.  It’s about using Microsoft Streets and Trips *and* our Garmin GPS.  It’s featured on our home page now – check it out at 


Here’s our site at Roaring Run:


Fall is coming!  It’s in the 50s at night.  They’re draining the pool and shutting down the campground store.  It’s getting pretty.



marymay said...

I had to read this to Ed and we both laughed. This is exactly how our mornings go. So we eat breakfast at 11 a.m., then end up having lunch at 3 or 4 p.m. We call that meal "lupper" (lunch + supper). Then we have cheese and crackers or something light during the evening.

We mention getting back onto a "normal" schedule sometimes, but WHY would we want to?

Lew and Jan Johns said...

Hey, you two are close to a Premier Rail-Trail, The Great Allegheny Passage. Its the old Western Maryland Mainline from Pittsburgh to Cumberland. We Bike a piece of it at every opportunity. It even has a 3,294Ft Tunnel just East of Meyersdale.