Friday, October 16, 2009

Sebastian Inlet – Florida State Park

We’ve made this our last stop before Fort Lauderdale for 2 or 3 trips now.  Florida has a lot of great State Parks and, in this one you can walk to the beach. 


We took a little walk to toast the sunset last night. 



There was a distant thunderstorm turning the sky all sorts of ominous colors.


Mom got all snug in her ‘room’ where she could watch the action.


Then, this morning was beautiful.  I made everyone go for an early morning walk.






Ok, time to go.  On to Fort Lauderdale.


Linda Starr said...

Although I am not new to RVing, I am computer challenged for traveling, so glad I found your blog. we move out of our home next Thursday and I have no idea what I need to get just know I want to continue to blog about my travels. I'll be reading your posts to learn more, thanks.

Marilyn said...

One of my favorite places. Your pictures make me remember the fun we had being camp hosts there. Enjoy your winter in FL.

Unknown said...

Great Sebastian Inlet pictures. We're learning a lot about Florida State Parks and would like to link to your post in if okay. Thanks for some great posts.

Daphne said...

Nice Photos. It looks like a beautiful park. I bet dogs aren't allowed on the beach though. You sure have the life.