Saturday, January 02, 2010

New Year’s Blue Moon

It doesn’t look blue does it?



But – it was the second full moon in December, and that’s the definition of blue moon. 



We (Jim, Me, and Mom) celebrated by going to the beach to watch the moonrise on New Year’s Eve.





This seemed OH so fitting, since we ushered in this decade by sleeping at the beach and watching the sun rise on a new century … I had to dig a little to find these pictures:



These were taken at a friend’s house on the beach.  He had a New Year’s Eve party – then we stayed the night to see the sunrise.  Jim and I slept in our Van (shades of things to come?) Mom slept on a cot outside and was rudely awakened by the sprinklers on New Year’s morning! The upper left picture is of Mom willing the sun to rise with her drum, and that’s me and Jim feeling oh-so-happy to be together and looking forward to a great new century. 


Once in a BLUE moon.

My New Year’s resolution is the same as it always is … lose weight, get in shape … but, this time I started before the new year.  When I stepped on my Wii Fit on New Year’s morning I got a really nice reward – I met my goal!



So – now I can say that “Once in a Blue Moon I lose weight!”

Now I set another goal.  I’ll let you know how it goes.


I’m also working on a photo album for the whole decade.  I’ll probably put it on my Facebook page ( when I’m done.



*May we all reach our goals … or at least have fun trying!*


marymay said...

Chris, you never cease to amaze me with the variety and creativity in your posts. Your intelligence and zest for life shine through with each entry. Thanks for sharing your life and your thoughts!

paulsharol said...

didnt realize there was a blue moon new years eve they ususally say somdthing on the news awesome beach photos