Saturday, March 06, 2010

Flight to Reno

Jim drove Mom and me to the airport at 6am!  We were in perfect time for our 7am flight and all was well.

We had great weather for seeing the views.  I always get a window seat when possible.  We had one change of planes in Phoenix.  Man!  That is a busy airport.

We’re not in Florida anymore!

Melinda picked us up at the airport and, after treating us to a delicious fresh lunch at a special cooking school/cafe, took us to her house/menagerie in the Washoe Valley just south of Reno.  I can see we’re going to be entertained just hanging around here.

What a view!  The last time I visited her, she lived up in the mountains and looked down on the valley.  I like this better!  At least in the winter.

That is Chewy and Yoda – her Alpacas.  I don’t have a picture of the horses yet.  Except this one:

Actually, that’s her dog, Strider.  He’s an Anatolian Shephard.

The thermometer reads about 30degrees outside, but we’re toasty warm in by the fire.  Melinda’s still in bed since we’re on different time zones, so I had to make the fire myself this morning.  Luckily she showed me last night which wall-switch turns it on!

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marymay said...

Your last 2 sentences made me laugh!! Talk about an O.Henry ending!!