Saturday, April 03, 2010

Housecleaning in an RV

There’s nothing like having your mother come stay with you for a while to get you to clean your home! 

I don’t think our little vacuum cleaner has come out of its hiding place since the last time she was here.

Neither Jim nor I are very high on housekeeping.  In fact, I think that was one of my reasons for wanting to live in an RV rather than a house.  I figured – a space that small – how much work can it be?  Truly, in a couple hours you can clean front to back, top to bottom.  What I didn’t count on is how quickly it gets dirty again.  Every square inch is in heavy traffic pattern! 

I also can’t hire someone to clean my RV like I would do sometimes to clean my house.  I mean, how can I stay out of their way while they clean!?

Anyway, our plan to have my Mom come with us to the RV-Dreams rally in South Carolina was a good motivator to get the floor washed and waxed, clean the air filter for the AC, clean windows and mirrors, and throw away or put away all the piles of paper. 

Aaaaaahhhh.  Now we spent a few hours on the road, and Mom’s in her favorite spot – the mother-in-law suite in the cabover


We made it to St. Augustine and will stay here two nights while we see some sights and visit our friend Glenn.  It’s a nice campground – I was entranced by the golden light just before sundown.


The temperature was perfect for dinner outside.  This is the life we love.

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