Monday, August 02, 2010

Colorado Hiking

I don’t think you’re allowed to spend time with Diane and Andy without some adventurous, physical activity! I remember meeting them in our RVs in Montana in 2004 – whitewater rafting was not on my agenda, but they were very convincing!  See the blog post.  Thanks guys, for getting us geeks away from our computers and out of doors to see the mountains!  Diane originally planned a 7 mile hike for us, but this train had other ideas.  It was stopped, blocking the road, *just* before our trailhead.  Others had already been waiting a half hour, and there had been no word of when the train might fix its problem.  So, we turned around in search of another hike.

Serendipity strikes again!  I can’t imagine a more perfect trail for our day.  A little higher elevation – about 9,600 ft – but a shorter, gorgeous trail.  3 miles thru wildflower strewn granite, pine forests, and aspen groves.








Not only was the trail a loop trail, but the road we took to get there made a loop back with a stop at Panorama Point where you can see the core of the Rocky Mountains, the Continental Divide.


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Karen and Al said...

What a beautiful place. I'm jealous! It's hot and steamy here. I would love to be at that elevation!