Thursday, August 26, 2010

Driving to Divorce?

Remind me to never take this route again!  The cracks in the pavement were teeth-jarring.  The traffic was scary, and the construction was everywhere.  I’m surprised I didn’t lose a few fillings!  Jim, usually a very relaxed driver, had to keep every sense on full alert as he wrestled with the steering wheel. I was really happy that the motorhome stayed in one piece. I was trying to read a book out loud while Jim drove – I had to shout in order to be heard over the road noise.


At one point, I took my life in my hands to get up and get a snack for Jim and me.  I set it down in our designated spot on the center console where it promptly jumped up and spilled all over the dog.  Jim’s look shot daggers at me and I found a few choice words to shoot back at him.  The road demons possessed us for few minutes … as Odie got the snack.  I do think that divorce lawyers could probably do a brisk business if they approached RVers at the rest areas around here!

And then, to add insult to injury, these were all toll roads.  We spent a total of $37 for the privilege of our experience!  Of course, I’m sure our mood was partly due to having traveled from Redmond, Oregon to here in 10 days.  Normally we would like to take at least a month for that distance, maybe two.  Jim did all the driving.

But, we made it all in one piece – the motorhome is OK, and the marriage is OK :-)   But we will find *some* way to avoid that particular drive ever again.

Except for that last day on bad roads, it was kind of fun to move so fast.   It gives you a perspective on this vast country of ours as you travel from mountains, thru prairies, and into lake country – passing thru multiple time zones in a period of a few days.  We are now at Elkhart Campground in plenty of time to get prepared for the Gypsy Journal rally next week.  We’ve reserved our space for 2 whole weeks.  Then it’s a whole 40 miles to the next rally at Goshen.

However, when we’re done with Goshen, we have 4 days to make it back to Fort Lauderdale in time to get together with family and catch a flight to Seattle for our Alaska cruise.  Geez … life is tough eh?


heyduke50 said...

life is tuff... but i am sure you will both get over it...

Bill Joyce said...

We drove down I-39 to I-80 and then into Indiana from Wisconsin. Less tolls and much less stress.