Monday, October 04, 2010

Alaska Cruise part 1: Ketchikan and Juneau

We’re back!  Here’s the itinerary of the trip we just took.  We started in Seattle, made stops in Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway on the way up – then Prince Rupert on the way back.  We ended the cruise in Vancouver, then took a bus for about 4 hours back to Seattle to fly home.
We took this particular trip because it was organized by the Parkinsons Research Foundation.  Jim’s Dad has Parkinson’s Disease.  The Bahamas cruise we took last January was also a Parkinson’s cruise.  It worked well to have the extended family do this trip together.  There were 7 of us all together … Jim, Jim Sr., Me (Chris), Mom (Marilyn), Jo Ellen (Jim’s ex-wife), Debbie (Jim’s sister), and Bob (Debbie’s husband.)  Jim roomed with his Dad, and I roomed with my Mom and Jo Ellen.

Seattle and Mt. Rainier

I’ve visited Seattle several times in the past – actually lived there when I was 5 – so I knew how spectacular Mt. Rainier is and I was prepared with my camera in the plane.

We stayed the night at a Holiday Inn near the airport, then transferred to the Norwegian Star cruise ship on Saturday morning.  Here’s the view of Rainier from the ship.

Ketchikan and Misty Fjords

In Ketchikan Mom, Jim and I signed up for a boat tour to take us into the Misty Fjords Nat’l Monument.  It was cold, rainy, and windy – but that’s OK, it felt like we were really experiencing Alaska!  And the Fjords were SO beautiful!  We took a tour on a jet boat – very comfortable inside, plenty of room outside to get a better view.

A very comfortable tour boat with very knowledgeable crew.  The tour guide was a native Tlingit woman.  In telling us about the fact that men outnumber women by a considerable amount in Alaska, she added some advice to single ladies, “The odds may be good, but I’m afraid you’ll find that the goods are a little odd!”

Back to the Norwegian Star cruise ship.  I think the ship is bigger than the town!


Juneau is the only US State Capital that is inaccessible by road.  You must either fly there or go by boat.  On the way to Juneau, the cruise ship took a special side trip to Sawyer glacier.  What a sight!  On the way up the fjord, we were taking an exercise class … does your gym look like this?  I love exercise classes on cruise ships – precisely for the views – but this one tops ‘em all.

Sawyer Glacier:

I’m glad I have my Jimmy to keep me warm!

Everywhere you look were more views of glaciers, rock walls, and waterfalls.

Look at that Blue ice!

Right in Juneau we took the Mt. Roberts tram up the mountain for some more views:

This is Jo Ellen with a view from the Tram.

No, this one is not a painting … although it should be!

After the tram ride and a beer at the mountaintop restaurant.  We were told we had to stop for at least one more beer at the Red Dog Saloon – while the moose on the wall watched us!

I’ll post more tomorrow … meanwhile there are more pictures on the web album at


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The pictures on the web album are fabulous. Thanks for sharing !

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Just finished reading blog and looking a pictures in web album. Great, thanks for sharing. That was worth the wait for the blog. Now I want to go.