Saturday, January 01, 2011

The Blank Pages of 2011

“The new year is a brand new journal, filled with blank pages. Every day I have the power to write my life’s story on those pages. At the end of this new year, what story will your journal tell?

Will there be days of joy, and days of sadness? Probably, because that is what life is, a succession of good days and bad days. I hope at the end of the year, the happy days in your journal far outweigh the sad ones.

But more than anything else, I hope there are days of adventure as you try something new, days of wonderment as you stand on the ocean’s shore or at the rim of the Grand Canyon, and days of contentment as you relax under your awning with someone you love.” Nick Russell

My friend Nick Russell wrote those words – he’s the best RVing writer I know and I take inspiration from his blog.  This came from Gypsy Journal blog for New Years day 2008. 

We have plenty of adventure planned for 2011.  Our rally schedule will be taking us to the west coast again for The Rally in Redmond, OR.  See our complete schedule on our website.  We’re hoping to spend some time in Nevada and California visiting friends before Oregon, and a visit to Glacier Nat’l Park after Oregon, on the way to Wisconsin.

Right now I’m most excited about our online adventures.  Since we are now using off-the-shelf software for our membership website(s) – that means there are other people out there who know how it works and can help!  We are now working with a consultant and a Virtual Assistant who specialize in this software.  I’m hoping this means that all those ideas of what we want to accomplish with our websites can actually get done!  Primarily, we want our Computer Education for Travelers to be more easily accessible, and more useful.  You shouldn’t need to learn how to use our website!  We want you to use our website to learn how use your computer to Plan, Preserve and Share your Travels.  So, our goal for 2011 is to make our websites so easy and so valuable that hundreds, no thousands! of people join – and we make plenty of money to continue living the life we love!

p.s. we could use a new RV! Smile

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Rod and Loyce Ivers said...

Not to mention how well Nick writes, when he writes the Bad Nick site!!

Retired Rod