Wednesday, March 16, 2011

If it's Wednesday, it must be Blogger

Today was our third day at the FMCA rally and it started with our 'Every RVer Needs a Blog' class.  We go step by step, showing how easy it is to make a blog.  We usually get several people reporting back that they made a blog the very same day, but I think this is the first time someone made a blog while sitting in the audience of the seminar.  Laura followed our instructions on her iPhone and created

Laura showing her new blog created on her smart phone during our Blogger seminar!
Then, we got a little bit of time at our table in the computer help desk area.  
I stayed at our table, while Jim helped out with a seminar called RV Destinations Exchange.  He ran Google Earth, while people suggested great campgrounds where they had stayed.  Jim marked the locations on Google Earth and will soon upload the file of saved locations for all to see.  

The day ended with the second session of our hands on boot camp.  I know people learned a lot, but I think they also felt a little beat up by all the information and work we threw at them.  I know I felt beat up.  This just can't be done in 2 2-hour sessions.  We will only offer this class in the future the way it was designed ... as a two-day, 6 hrs/day class.  That means we can only offer it at RV parks, and at the smaller rallies - as a pre-rally or post-rally option.

Time for bed.  Then we'll be back in seminar room 3 at 8am for our Google Earth seminar, and finish up with 'Internet Love Story' ... just about our life and how the Internet makes it possible.

All is well.

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With the traveling and seminars I am surprised that QR Codes and their use in seminars hasn't come up.