Friday, April 15, 2011

Dolphin Research Center

This was a cool day.  We really liked the Dolphin Research Center - the dolphins seemed so happy.  Most of them were born there.  It was over a week ago now.  I've taken so long  because I really wanted to include the video, not just the still photos.  And video takes a lot more effort to edit.  No, it didn't take 10 days to edit, just 10 days to get around to doing it!  In case you're interested, I used Adobe Premiere Elements 9 for the editing - I have a lot to learn before I get good at it.  Here ya go:

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1 comment:

Rod Ellison said...

We go to the Dolphin Research Center EVERY time we go down to the keys.. probably once or twice a year, since we stay up the road on Duck Key at Hawks Cay. The girls absolutely love stepping down to the dock and petting the dolphins. Can't wait til they can get in the water with them as well..