Sunday, April 03, 2011

To the Keys

. Time is starting to run out if we're going to take Mom on an RV trip before we leave for the summer. So .. we planned a getaway to the keys.  Although we've certainly been to the Keys many, many times - we've never gone in the RV.  Sunshine Key is a Encore park and is part of the extended family with our membership in Thousand Trails, so we thought we'd check it out.  We don't stay free like we do in Thousand Trails parks, but we get a discount.  We're paying $47/night which sounds like a lot compared to the $10-25 we normall pay for RV parks ... but it's really cheap for the keys!  $90 - 120 is the norm here!

Mom's riding spot, in the cab-over

Lots of kites flying along the way.  We *want* this one of a scuba diver - his flippers even kicked very naturally  in the wind.

The famous 7-mile bridge

You can walk under the bridge from the campground

Our site at Sunshine Key

That's Sunshine Key RV park as seen from the 7-mile bridge
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