Monday, May 02, 2011

We Must be Camping

We picked up Mom and our friend, Dee at Mom's place.  Looks like a pretty fancy Limosine coming to get her doesn't it?  Several of the staff came out for a tour.

Mom's chariot awaits.

We're taking Dee to visit her sister near Perry, Georgia.  Then we'll drop them both off at Atlanta airport to fly back to Ft. Lauderdale.  How great to have 2 passengers on our shakedown cruise.  Mom sleeps in the cabover, and Dee sleeps on the fold-out couch.  Everyone is comfortable.  With the curtain across the cabover, and a door to the bedroom hallway - everyone has private space.  and, with the two doors to the bathroom there's no issue in accessing that at any time.  We couldn't be more pleased with the arrangement.

Mom's morning view from her bedroom in the cabover at Ocala North RV Park.
 Our first stop was a beautiful RV park near Ocala - Ocala North RV Park.  I found it using the Passport America App on my Droid.  The second night we made it to High Falls State Park in Georgia.  Dee's sister Judy joined us for dinner ... actually she *brought* dinner :-) then took Dee back with her.
We must be camping?!  We had a campfire and even roasted marshmallows.

Mom, Jim, Judy, and Dee at High Falls Georgia State Park
But ... no sleeping bags for us!  We left that kind of camping quite a while ago.  Here's our bedroom now.

We *LOVE* our new home.

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